this is a blog with steve

our server is all setup, and we're ready to go!


posting from flock

this is a post from the new web browser flock. let's see if this thing works.



so i've decided to put up an adsense link because, well, why not really? it's not the worst thing in the world, and maybe i can even make some spare change.


visited states

found this one too. visited states!


where i've been

check this out:

or go do one yourself.


finally home

back from europe after a long and incredibly productive 18 days. we went to athens, santorini, berlin, prague and budapest. i took a lot of great pictures from my trip, so please visit my flickr site to see them. pictures speak louder than words.


google talk!

google now has google talk. this thing is awesmuh. of course, nobody else is on it right now, and you have to have a gmail account to connect. if you need an invite, email me.


go check it out.

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